The Trouble With Two Year Olds

October 2, 2014

The trouble with two year olds is that they are fearless and jump from really high places without a spotter. They also tuck and roll pretty well saving many broken bones. The trouble with two year olds is that they are curious and end up with Vaseline coating their head. The trouble with Vaseline is […]

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Life Without Cable

September 26, 2014

Many Americans have decided to cut their landlines and instead use mobile devices at home. In addition to cutting phone landlines, many Americans have also decided to cut their subscriptions to cable or satellite TV, as they have found alternate ways to stream movies and TV at home via smartphones and tablets. About 2 years […]

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September 12, 2014

Charming. That is probably the single best word I can use to describe my Charlie. He is utterly, unapologetically¬†charming. He is a mischief maker. He gets a glimmer in his eyes whenever he gets one of his grand ideas, which is often. He likes to tease his older brother. Charlie is constantly picking on him […]

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Stick With Me

August 11, 2014

Things have been a little quiet around here as I take time to enjoy summer with my boys. We have been enjoying lazy mornings and afternoons spent in the backyard or at the pool. The evenings stretch on and on as we go on walks and¬†have impromptu BBQs with neighbors and let the boys stay […]

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