An Interview with Charlie (4 Years Old)

by Katie on March 12, 2016

IMG_2566 IMG_2625My sweet and ornery Charlie turns 4 in one week, so I thought it was time for another interview.  We can’t get enough of our littlest guy and love watching him grow up! He has the best personality and really is such a joy.

Charlie’s 3 year old interview 

What is your name? Charlie

Where were you born? I don’t know, Mom

How old are you? 3

How old will you be at your birthday party? 4

Who is your mommy? Katie

What do you like to do with your mommy? Go to Monkey Joe’s

Who is your daddy? Ben

What do you like to do with your daddy? Go bowling

What is your favorite color? Green

What do you want to be when you grow- up? A Grinch

What is your favorite food? Pasta

What is your favorite thing to drink? Water

Where is your favorite place to eat? Hy-Vee

What is your favorite animal? Eagle

What does your daddy say a lot? Let’s eat supper now

What does your mommy say a lot? Let’s eat lunch

What is your favorite song? Gotham City

Who is your favorite singer? R. Kelly

What is your favorite movie? The Grinch

What is your favorite cartoon? The Grinch cartoon

Who is your best friend? Brady and Milo

What is your favorite book? The Grinch Book

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to SkyZone

Where does Daddy work? At work

Where does Mommy work? At work

How old is Mommy? I can’t know

How old is Daddy? 4 and 1/2

How old is Drake? 6

What do you think about your big brother? I want him to come home (Drake is at Nana and Papa’s right now)

What do you like to do with Drake? Play with him

What makes you really happy? Going to Jethro’s

What makes you really sad? When I touch the air freshener (He got in trouble for rubbing an air freshener all over his hands and then lied about it.)

What are you scared of? Bad guys

What makes you laugh? Funny things

Who was the last person you kissed? Mom

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