Kindergarten Memories

by Katie on August 30, 2015


DSC_0508He woke up and came running out of his room all dressed and ready to go. He chatted all the way through breakfast and was ready to head to school long before it was time to go. I watched with a pit in my stomach and smile on my face. I was so excited for him and so sad for me.  

We got to school and he held my hand as we waited to go in. Before too long he let go and went in with his class, not looking back as we followed behind. We watched him complete his daily morning classroom tasks before he sat down in his little pint sized chair. 

” I think we are going to leave.” I said as my eyes filled with tears. DSC_0519

“Ok” he said with a smile.

“Love you, buddy. Have a great day. I’m excited to see you after school” I said as my voice started cracking. 

“Love you too!” He said as we walked away.

He was fine.  If he was nervous it didn’t show. He was ready. 

He had a wonderful first week. He enjoyed his first day and was excited to go back every day after. He was pleasant when he got home and not a total bear from being exhausted like I was sure he would be.  He did his first homework assignment without complaint. He loved school lunch. He made friends. He is excited to go back tomorrow after his first weekend.  So basically all the hours I spent worrying about the things I was sure would go wrong was a giant waste of my time.

DSC_0527But despite everything going right, I still cried or teared up every day after I dropped him off.  I just miss him when he is gone and am having a hard time believing that we are already at this kindergarten milestone because I swear he was just born.  This weekend I saw a quote that just really hit home “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” and that is what I intend to do. Enjoy the passing of time as I savor the memories and look forward to what the future holds. Anyways, enough about that, time for some of the highlights of the first week.

Here are a few things that I want to remember about his first week of Kindergarten:

  • “I raised my hand and told my teacher I know what 19 + 7 is and she said we are not talking about that right now.”
  • “I did not play with anybody at recess because I wanted to get use to the playground. I am going to start playing with people tomorrow.”DSC_0532
  • “I have four naughty kids in my class. I think it is a miracle there are only four.” (This number increased to 7 by the end of the week)
  • “We learned about circles today. Pizza is a circle. Coins are a circle. I already knew all of that”  He said with a big sigh.
  • He thought he might be the oldest kid in his class, so he asked every kid in class what their birthday is. He concluded that he is in fact the oldest.
  • We were going to go out for supper the first night but he was so tired he asked if he could just have a bath and put his pajamas on and if we could order take-out. We did just that!
  • He wanted a cookie “bigger than his head”  for his first day of school treat. I did my very best, but filled the cookie sheet too full resulting in an overflowing pan and a small oven fire. Thankfully Hy-Vee came to the rescue with a giant cookie pizza.
  • Charlie missed him so, so much. He really loves being with his big brother.
  • He rode his bike to school with this friends one day while I walked behind. He got to school before I did, and when I got there I could not find him anywhere.  I  went to his classroom and he was standing there all ready to get started with his day.
  • He loves that he knows some of the bigger kids at school and always tells me who he saw in the hall.
  • It was so strange not having Drake home with us and tagging along on our Thursday and Friday adventures.  I thought he would be upset that we still did fun stuff while he was at school, but he could of cared less.

So one week of school is down, and many, many more to go. We are so proud of our sweet boy and are excited to see what this new road will bring!


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