I Know How Boys Are

by Katie on May 14, 2015

A few weeks ago I read  a blog comment that just made my heart sink. In the comment the woman said “I know how boys are” in reference to high school boys and their behavior. This comment was made in the context of younger girls going to high school with older boys…it was stereotypical and in my opinion an offensive portrayal  “of how boys are” and my defenses immediately went up.  This is far from the first time I have read or heard comments being made about boys in the same negative context. It is usually from parents of girls with the tone that their girls needed to be protected from boys.

The thing is that I also know how boys are.

I grew up in a small town and went to preschool with most of the same boys who were in my graduating high school class. These boys were my friends. They were respectful, funny, good people. They loved football, pulling innocent pranks, and just hanging out. These boys  cared about doing well in school and could be found Thursdays nights at their church’s youth group.

I know how boys are.

I went to college and met boys who became some of my best friends. These boys saw me through some of my wildest college nights. Boys who sat beside me as we watched coverage of 9-11 with horror on their faces. Boys who answered the phone anytime I called.  Boys who wanted to have careers. Boys who have gone on to become husbands and fathers.

I know how boys are.

My Dad was successful at many things in high school and college and went on to medical school. He then married my wonderful mom and raised three daughters with  patience and humor and love. He also happens to be the best person I know.

I know how boys are.

My husband is the kind of man you want your boys to grow up to be and your daughters to marry. He is caring and kind and has a great sense of humor. He values our marriage and puts his family and God above everything else. He is the best dad and is raising our two sons to grow up to the kind of boys and men we will be nothing but proud of.

I know how boys are.
I’m raising two boys who we are teaching to be respectful, kind, and honest human beings. Boys who are sensitive and wild and just plain sweet. Boys who already know how to make a girl feel special-I know because they make me feel that way. Boys who have a lot expected of them, but receive even more love in return. Boys that make my heart burst with pride.

I am lucky enough to know how boys are.



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