All the Things They Said…

by Katie on February 22, 2015


  • As he take his underwear off and chases after Drake “I’m going to kill you with my butt!”
  • To the tune of All About the Bass “All about the bath, about the bath, no shower!”
  • He says this hundreds of times a day “I’m eat you up!” or “I’ll bite you in the butt.”
  • He likes to push us right to our limit and then comes running up to us with the sweetest look on his face and wraps his arms around our legs and say “I want to say I’m sorry!”
  • He is insisting on a Grinch party for his birthday next month, so a Grinch party is what he is getting.

Charlie still does so many crazy things but his latest include standing in the produce aisle eating bites out of a head of lettuce,  eating chapstick, continually turning the furnace off, and stuffing his face with starbursts whenever he has free moment. He is definitely a free spirit and just does whatever pops into his little head. We love his sweet smile and consistent happiness. He really just adds so much entertainment to our little family.



  • “I wonder why God made me the smartest kid ever?”
  • After completing his 16 Valentines for school he rubbed his neck and said “Now my neck is out of place.”
  • Drake as he went sledding down the slide- “Please remind me I did this when I am an adult.”
  • I grew up in a small town (less than 2,000 people) and Drake is super interest in it. We had the following conversation a few weeks ago:

Drake – “Is the town you lived in as a little girl the smallest in the world?”

Me-” No”

Drake- But I could ride my bike around it in no time at all right?

Me- “Yeah it would not take long, there are not any stoplights or anything.”

Drake- “WHAT!! No stoplights? I bet people were crashing into each other all the time from all that wild and crazy driving.”

Me- “Actually no, it was pretty calm. But did you know we didn’t have a Target?”

Drake’s eyes get huge- “WHAT?!?!? I sure hope they are building one right now…”

Drake just started reading and it is the coolest thing to watch it just click.  He has grown up so much in the past year and is really turning out to be such a wonderful little person to be around. He will start kindergarden in the fall and I tear up every time I think about not having my little sidekick around.

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