To Love and Be Loved by a Little Boy

by Katie on January 18, 2015

IMG_1694I can see it their eyes and hear it in their voice when I tell them I have 2 little boys.  If they are a boy mom, like me, their eyes light up and their voice is full of warmth and excitement.  If their boys are grown they smile and often times start reminiscing about the days when they had little boys. They chuckle as they watch my boys run and talk in funny voices and act silly.  They tell me how lucky I am, how lucky we are, to be a boy mom.  I smile back because I know just how lucky I am.

When I meet another boy mom who has little boys just like me we smile in understanding at just how tiring it is to be a mom of energetic, mischievous, and often times wild boys. We talk about how it is so nice to meet somebody who just “gets it” when your boys are jumping off furniture and wrestling on the floor and screaming as the pretend to shoot each with anything they can find that resembles a gun.  Boys will be boys and we know it better than anyone.


We smile with pride as we talk about the sweet things our boys said and the way they still like us to hold them even though they are far too big. We laugh as we share stories of the things they get into and the amount of food they can pack away. We know that our boys love their Mommas very best and we not so secretly hope they always will. We know we are so lucky to love and be so loved by a little boy.


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1 Nicole January 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm

And you are a PRO at being a mom to those boys! I have had many moments when I have had to ask myself, “What would Katie do right now?!” (You know, kind of like WWJD only it is WWKD ;)) You are the most chill, relaxed, go with the flow…yet totally in control mama out there. Now, my question is, when will you be adding boy #3 (or girl) to the mix???

Can’t wait to see you Saturday!


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