Drawing the Line

by Katie on November 25, 2013

I knew this day would come. I could feel myself holding more and more back from all of you. I think long and hard before I post a story about my children on the blog anymore. I have done a lot of reviews and giveaways and have written some posts that are about me or motherhood but I have kept the most important part of my heart – my children – to myself.

Before the last month or so I have never seen Drake get embarrassed. Sure he had done embarrassing things, but he did not know that he should or could feel embarrassed about it. But in the last few weeks I have seen him utterly and truly embarrassed and it broke my heart and put me on high alert. I know I will do things in the future to embarrass my kids. I’m guessing sometimes it will all be in fun and I will do it on purpose and other times they will be embarrassed of me or things I do whether it is justified or not.

Here is the thing – I don’t want this blog to be a source of embarrassment for them.  In the world we live a quick Google search is all it takes for stories, pictures and all the information you need to know about a person is at your fingertips.  I know I can’t protect my boys forever, but I can limit what I contribute to their “internet biography.” I want them to make their own tracks in life- their own stories- if they want to write a  blog someday, great, but that is up to them.

So I guess what I’m saying is that the line has been drawn. This blog will continue but with a lot less of my sweet boys in it.  I will still share pictures of my boys from time to time and I’m sure every now and then I will pop in with a story or 2 about them, but for the most part I will do what a mother should do and hold the most precious and sensitive stories close to my heart just for me.

Growing up is hard to do…

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