Letting Him Fly

by Katie on August 19, 2013

Drake will be starting preschool 2 weeks from today. He will go 4 afternoons a week. To say it has been on my mind a lot would be an understatement. As I write this we are waiting for his teacher to come and do a home visit. I think I’m far more nervous and excited for this than Drake is! I wrote a little bit about how I am feeling as we hit this huge milestone over at Des Moines Moms Blog-


“Make sure you follow directions and listen to your teachers,” I say as I walk my almost 4-year-old son, Drake, into his first night of Vacation Bible School. He holds my hand tightly and quietly tells me that he will. We find his group and I lean down to tell him good-bye, and just like that any apprehension that he has fades away. He quickly tells me good-bye and finds a seat next to one of his friends. I walk away while looking over my shoulder just knowing that he will be looking back at me and wanting one last kiss, but instead he is laughing with his new friends and is completely oblivious that I am leaving. I smile while I hold back tears. As I climb into my car I let the big, warm tears roll down my cheeks as I think about how fast my baby is growing up. Read the rest over at Des Moines Moms Blog…


I also wanted to share this idea incase anybody else is looking to do something special for their kids on the first day of school. I found the book Curious George’s First Day of School at Kohl’s lat week. I plan on both Ben and I writing a little note to Drake in the book before the first day of school every year. I think this will be a really special and unique keepsake for him.

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