Drake’s Superhero Birthday Parties

by Katie on August 16, 2013

2 weeks ago we celebrated Drake turning 4 by throwing 2 different birthday parties.

On the same day.

I’m crazy and will never do anything like that ever again!

We held Drake’s first party (friends party)  at a park near our house.

We kept it super simple and ordered 2 dozen donuts (funny story- the store called me the day before the party to confirm my 24 dozen donut order…YIKES! Called they called!)  from the bakery and had drink boxes.

The kids played on the playground, ate donuts, watched Drake open presents and basically just ran around like crazy. We had the parents drop off the kids  so we were in charge of about 15 three and four year-olds. We really had a wonderful time!

Here are some more details of Drake’s friends party-


Throwing donuts on a silver platter dressed them up a little ; )

DSC_1425We gathered up all of Drake’s superhero masks for the kids to wear.


We stuck with the superhero theme by having Batman and Superman colored donuts! Also the party hats were a huge hit.


The Birthday Boy!


Drake and most of his birthday guests.

That afternoon we held another superhero birthday party. This time it was for our families and we held it at our house. We had the most beautiful day for the party and we all enjoyed  spending time outside eating cake and drinking lemonade.

I actually made Drake’s birthday cake this year. I had planned to order superhero cupcakes but the plans feel through and I was left scrambling to come up with a cake.  I will admit, it was hard for me not to have a big fancy cake as I love having that as my party centerpieces, but Drake really loved the cake I made and that is all that mattered.

Here are the details of Drake’s 2nd party


No party is complete without balloons!


I ran to Target and found some new superhero figures Drake did not have to top his cake with. He loved the surprise of his “new guys” on the cake.


I love using things we have around the house for decorations.


The party table.


Ready to party!


The birthday boy opening up his presents.


Our little firefighter blowing out his candles.

I have to admit that both of these birthday parties were a lot more low-key than the parties that I usually throw. It was kind of nice to tone things down a little and I don’t even think anybody noticed.

We had a fun day celebrating Drake!

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