My First Baby-Part I

by Katie on February 5, 2013

July 31, 2009

I just ate a whole row of brownies I think as I cut the last one free from the row.  Not many times in life you can eat that many brownies guilt free I think as I rub my 38 week pregnant belly.

As I lick the last bit of brownie off my fingers I decide to head upstairs for a nap. I’m not usually one to sleep during the day but the combination of a my swollen belly and the hot and humid weather make it the perfect day for a little snooze.

I pull the covers back, crawl into bed and easily drift off waking only 20 minutes later feeling refreshed. I lay in bed relaxing for a bit longer before deciding to head to the grocery store for my weekly shopping trip.

I awkwardly maneuver my body out of bed.

I hear the pop. I feel the gush.

“Oh shit.” I say aloud

My water just broke.

This is just like the movies I think as I hurry the 20 steps to the bathroom. I sit on the toilet because I don’t know what else to do.  I better call Ben.

Please pick up, please! He picks up after only a few rings “Ben? My water just broke.”



“You should come home”

“OK, I will be there in five minutes.”

I hit the end button and immediately hit the “Home”  button on my phone.

“Mom, my water just broke”

“No, it didn’t” she says with a laugh. I’ve already talked her at least 2 times that day and every time I call she picks up with an anxious tone in her voice.  “It’s just that each time  you call I think  you are going to tell me that your water broke.” She said just the last time we talked on the phone.

“No, really it did.”


“Yes, I don’t know what to do!! Ben is on his way home.”

“Are you having contractions?


“OK, Let me call your dad and we will head to Des Moines right away. Love you honey”

“Love you.”

I hang up and call my OB Office.

“OB Gyn and Associates can you hold?”

 Can I hold? No, I can’t hold! I’m sitting on the toilet with massive amounts of fluid leaking out of me. NO! I can’t hold. 

“Sure I can hold.”

A few minutes pass and I’m starting to mentally make a list of everything I have left to pack and do before we head to the hospital throw in the phone charger and camera and remember to call somebody to watch Skinner….

“How can I help you?” My thoughts are interrupted by the voice on the other end.

“My water just broke”

“Ummmmm OK. You should go to the hospital”

“I know. I was just in yesterday and they told me to call if my water broke. So I thought I better call.”

“Yeah. Go to the hospital.” The voice on the other line says with very little interest.

I hang up and start digging underneath the bathroom sink for one of the  giant maxi pads I bought for after the baby. I’m going to need this I think as I change out of my soaking wet underwear and pants.

Just then I hear Ben running up the stairs with an excited and nervous look on his face. “This is it, huh?” He says as he gives me a hug and starts to quickly pack up our bag.

“This is it.” I say with a smile and butterflies in my stomach.

Ben carefully helps me down the stairs. I can feel fluid pouring out of me with every step. I take one last look around the house before I leave.  We have waited so long for this moment. So much longer than the 9 months I’ve carried this baby. We have dreamed for over 2 years about what it would be like to walk into the house with a baby in our arms. And now, in just a few days, our dream will come true. I tear up as I shut the door behind me and wander into the garage. Ben puts a towel down on the seat and helps me into the car. As we are backing out of the driveway I think our life is about to change in the best possible way.

Stayed Tuned for Part II…..

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1 Ame February 7, 2013 at 9:58 am

I love this post Katie!! My water broke with Luke and it brought back so many memories! 🙂


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