A Thankful Mess

by Katie on November 21, 2012

I walk down the stairs, my body weary after a long day of changing diapers, playing Superheros and chasing a crawling baby. I am ready to sit down and zone out in front of the TV and hang out with my husband for a bit.

As I clear the last step and my feet hit the hardwood floor I can see the disaster that awaits me-

A dishwasher that needs to unloaded and reloaded with the pile of dirt dishes.

The crumbs that need to be wiped off the table.

The dog hair that needs to be swept.

The toys that are scattered all over the living room.

The pile of laundry that sits in the laundry room waiting to be folded and put away.

The shoes and coats and bags that need organized as they  were thrown in haste as we came inside.

Mess upon mess that needs my attention. I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious about all that needs to be done.

Why does my house always have to be such a mess? I think as I decide what to tackle first.

Then it hits me.


My house is a mess because it is filled with kids. Kids who I desperately wanted. Kids I dreamed about. Kids I prayed for. Kids that I am beyond thankful for.

The dishes? They were used to feed my two hungry boys.

The crumbs? They are a reminder that we have way more food than we will ever eat.

The dog hair? It is a sign that a very loved dog and kind companion to my kids lives here.

The toys? They are reminders of the fun we had playing with those toys and the memories that were made in the process.

The laundry? We are never worried about being hot or cold or not dressed for the occasion because we have so many clothes to choice from to clothe us all.

The shoes by the back door? A sign that we have a big backyard and a wonderful neighborhood where my boys get to grow up.

Those messes? Well, those messes are a sign of all the blessings and answered prayers and amazing gifts we have in our life.

Those messes represent Drake.

Those messes represent Charlie.

So for now I think I will just slowly walk around the house picking up the mess with a smile on my face as I think about how thankful I really am to be able to clean up the mess. The thankful mess.

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1 desmoinesmomsblog November 21, 2012 at 8:39 am

amazing post today, friend!  love it and thanks for reminding me of my exact scenario everyday at the end of the day and how i must be thankful for that rather than anxious!  (this is sarah, btw).


2 Katie November 21, 2012 at 8:59 am

Thanks Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


3 Angela Squires November 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Thank you for this, Katie. It’s so important for us to keep the right perspective. You drew me right in, and I was envisioning my own home replete with my own messes even as I read about yours. This is a great reminder that we moms need to remember the reasons why we do what we do–to think of not just the “verbs” of motherhood but the “nouns” (as I recently blogged at Eternal Outlook 🙂 ). Blessings to you!


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