Drake Gives Back 2011

by Katie on July 12, 2011

 Do you remember this from last year?

Drake Gives Back donated toys to a local children’s hospital-Blank Children’s Hospital.

With companies like Playskool, Discovery Toys and Tommee Tippee, and LeapFrog participating the children received some pretty awesome new toys.

Here are all the updates to refresh your memory

Drake Gives Back Update #1

Drake Gives Back Update #2

Drake Gives Back Update #3

Drake Gives Back Update #4

Drake Gives Back Update #5

Drake Gives Back-The Donation

Check Out All the Donations!

At Blank Children’s Hospital Dropping Off the Donations

So with the success Drake Gives Back had last year, I decided to celebrate Drake’s Birthday in style again this year with Round 2 of Drake Gives Back!


The Inspiration
Last year when I started thinking about Drake’s 1st birthday party, I thought it would be super fun to incorporate the party into my blog. I had originally wanted to do a week of great giveaways to celebrate. I was even able to get several different companies to commit, but I started second guessing what I wanted his blog birthday celebration to really be about.

With the overwhelming success of Drake Gives Back 2010 we are back at it for 2011!

The Reason

We truly feel that Drake is our miracle baby. We tried for many months to get pregnant with no success. I scheduled an appointment with a fertility specialist but instead of going to that appointment in January of 2009, I went to my first OB appointment because I was pregnant.

I enjoyed nine easy and uneventful months of pregnancy and a picture perfect delivery. Shortly after Drake was born we found out he was born with a true knot in his umbilical cord, but by some miracle he was unharmed and perfectly healthy.

We spent the first year of Drake’s life battling severe reflux and saw our fair share of specialists, hospitals, and doctors offices. Even though that first year was tough I knew we could have had it so much worse and never took Drake or his overall good health for granted.

Drake Gives Back was born as a way to give back all that has been given to us through Drake.

The 2011 donations will go directly to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

How YOU Can Help

It is so simple-DONATE.

Donate new toys. Donate money. Donate space on your blog in honor of this cause.  Just donate.

If you are interested in donating please email me at sssmomma@gmail.com

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