One Year Later

by Katie on May 4, 2011

If you have been around here for awhile you know that Drake fought and awful battle with severe reflux the first year of his life. It was exactly 1 year ago today when we took the steps to really find out and see what was going on in his little body by having a scope and Upper GI preformed on him. I wanted to share the post that I wrote that day as a reminder of just how far we’ve come.  After all the boy who hated bottles and with a passion now eats chocolate bunnies like it is his job! I’m so very proud of this boy!! 🙂
We are back from the hospital where they preformed Drake’s  GI scope and Upper GI x-ray today. Everything on the scope and x-ray looked good, so now we just wait to hear the biopsy results from the pieces of tissue they took from his esophagus.

Right before they took him for the scope

Drake was a trooper through the whole process. He was making friends with all the nurses, exploring all the medical equipment, and talking and smiling even though he had an empty tummy! I got choked up when they carried him away to put him under anesthesia, I did not want him to be scared and just wanted to be there to comfort him.  The nurses told us that he actually only cried when they put the anesthesia mask on him as he wanted nothing to do with it! After the procedure they took us back to recovery, he was still sleeping but woke up the second I picked him up. He  looked around let out a little happy squeal and proceed to try and pull out his IV and climb all over his bed…the kid did not miss a beat.

Big Band-Aid on a little hand

The Upper GI was a very unpleasant experience for Drake as he had to drink this disgusting liquid and lay super still. (babies don’t lay still so that meant a nurse, a doctor, Ben and I were all holding him down) The hospital provided us with a child life specialist who really helped distract Drake with some cool toys!!

After we left Drake ate more than I had ever seen him eat in one sitting before!! It had been 16 hours since he last had anything to eat or drink so he had a  mango smoothie, peaches, puffs, a whole bowl of pasta, and piece of cheese!!

Being at the hospital and going through all the tests made me so happy that this is the biggest problem we have to deal with. Too many parents have to spend so much time inside those walls with their really sick kids where their days are filled with poking and prodding and tests. I thanked God right then and  there for letting us be there for reflux and not something more serious. I know I will be hugging my baby just a little bit tighter tonight.

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1 Brandii Nicole May 16, 2011 at 12:21 am

New follower from SITS

I hope you guys find out what is going on soon, but in the meantime you have one handsome little boy on your hands!

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