18 Months

by Katie on February 1, 2011

To my sweet little boy,

Today you are 18 months old. How is that even possible? You have grown from a tiny little bundle of a newborn to a tall and skinny toddler. We are spending the day at home since you are feeling a little under the weather and we are preparing for a big blizzard.

Your Dad and I think you  are a pretty cool kid. You understand most everything that we say to you and can say countless words. You love your Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa. You also think your 3 Aunts and your Uncle are pretty awesome. As time goes on you are starting to look more and more like you cousin and have a built- in friend in him.

Speaking of friends, you are getting really anxious for spring to come so you can get back outside and play with your neighborhood friends. You love to run around and be chased, you think this is the best game around. Playing with Skinner is something else you just can’t get enough of, you love to sit on his back and pretend he is a horse (sorry Skinner). You love throwing your football around and chasing after it. You don’t watch much TV, but like to watch your Praise Baby DVD and “Hot Dog” (aka. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). You talk to the TV the whole time and tell us everything that is going on. Trucks are also big hits at our house and trash day is your favorite day of the week because of all the trucks in our neighborhood.

You are one special little boy and fill our days with joy and laughter. I’ve said this many times, but it is truly a honor and privilege to be your momma. Thank you for being you.


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1 Liz February 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Happy 18 months! I think that's a bit of a big step!

Love that picture of him!


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