To Love and Be Loved by a Little Boy

by Katie on January 18, 2015

IMG_1694I can see it their eyes and hear it in their voice when I tell them I have 2 little boys.  If they are a boy mom, like me, their eyes light up and their voice is full of warmth and excitement.  If their boys are grown they smile and often times start reminiscing about the days when they had little boys. They chuckle as they watch my boys run and talk in funny voices and act silly.  They tell me how lucky I am, how lucky we are, to be a boy mom.  I smile back because I know just how lucky I am.

When I meet another boy mom who has little boys just like me we smile in understanding at just how tiring it is to be a mom of energetic, mischievous, and often times wild boys. We talk about how it is so nice to meet somebody who just “gets it” when your boys are jumping off furniture and wrestling on the floor and screaming as the pretend to shoot each with anything they can find that resembles a gun.  Boys will be boys and we know it better than anyone.


We smile with pride as we talk about the sweet things our boys said and the way they still like us to hold them even though they are far too big. We laugh as we share stories of the things they get into and the amount of food they can pack away. We know that our boys love their Mommas very best and we not so secretly hope they always will. We know we are so lucky to love and be so loved by a little boy.


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This New Year Stay on Track

by Katie on January 18, 2015

IMG_2102So it is now half-way through January and I’m just getting around to making my new year’s resolutions. I like to take the new year to reflect on the past year and set the course for the new year. This year I decided to make a few specific goals, some for just myself and some for our family, that I want to accomplish in 2015.  I have found that by tracking and writing down my goals I’m so much more likely to accomplish them. Thankfully that is so easy when today’s technology and smartphones, such as the iPhone 6, offer a variety of apps and products to help keep users on track and increase the likelihood of sticking with any resolution throughout the year.

Families are already relying on technology in their daily lives. U.S. Cellular is happy to help people leverage the available technology to enhance and simplify their lives so they can enjoy better moments with family and friends over the New Year and all year long.

Some examples of apps that can help you start 2015 right are:

  • The Runtastic Six Pack app is great for those looking to lose weight or get in shape. This free app allows users to work out from home by creating custom work outs with a virtual personal trainer which will show users the proper way to do new exercises.
  • The Runtastic Six Pack and its 50 workout videos can also be paired with the UP by Jawbonea fitness wristband. It can track what you eat, any activities throughout the day and your sleeping habits, then suggest small changes that will help you reach your goals.
  • Getting organized is another popular resolution, and we all know how hard it can be. The Any.Do app is an award winner that’s perfect for enhancing any to-do list. The app allows you to create lists of tasks that need to be completed and organize them by category and importance. You can set alarms and also easily sync your tasks from your mobile to your desktop to help stay on top of any to-do list, no matter where you are.
  • Many people resolve to see more of their family members throughout the year. TheGroupMe app allows everyone in the family to stay in touch and make plans, no matter where in the country they are located. This app allows users to create several groups in which each member can share events, photos, videos and texts.
  • Saving money is a recurring resolution for many. According to a 2014 U.S. Cellular survey, 43 percent of smartphone users made the resolution to save money in 2014. In 2015, smartphone owners can accomplish this task with the Check app. The free app allows users to link bills, bank accounts and credit cards. The app then notifies users of when a payment is coming up and even lets users set up automatic payments.

I hope some of these devices and apps help you s

As always Let U.S. Cellular make it easier by using the Parent/Child Cell Phone Agreement to set some ground rules.

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You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

by Katie on December 11, 2014


Our Charlie has one true love right now and it is Mr. Grinch. He reads the books, watches the movie and the TV episode, wears a sweater with the Grinch’s face on it, and even got a chance to “meet” his favorite guy in person.  I always want to remember just how sweet Christmas is this year with our Grinch loving boy.





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The Hottest Apps and Accessories to Make the Holidays Special

December 11, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner you might still have some people on your list who you need to shop for. If they are anything like the people left on my list, they are the hardest people to shop for! With the help of US Cellular shopping for that hard to buy for person just became […]

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