All the Things They Said…

by Katie on February 22, 2015


  • As he take his underwear off and chases after Drake “I’m going to kill you with my butt!”
  • To the tune of All About the Bass “All about the bath, about the bath, no shower!”
  • He says this hundreds of times a day “I’m eat you up!” or “I’ll bite you in the butt.”
  • He likes to push us right to our limit and then comes running up to us with the sweetest look on his face and wraps his arms around our legs and say “I want to say I’m sorry!”
  • He is insisting on a Grinch party for his birthday next month, so a Grinch party is what he is getting.

Charlie still does so many crazy things but his latest include standing in the produce aisle eating bites out of a head of lettuce,  eating chapstick, continually turning the furnace off, and stuffing his face with starbursts whenever he has free moment. He is definitely a free spirit and just does whatever pops into his little head. We love his sweet smile and consistent happiness. He really just adds so much entertainment to our little family.



  • “I wonder why God made me the smartest kid ever?”
  • After completing his 16 Valentines for school he rubbed his neck and said “Now my neck is out of place.”
  • Drake as he went sledding down the slide- “Please remind me I did this when I am an adult.”
  • I grew up in a small town (less than 2,000 people) and Drake is super interest in it. We had the following conversation a few weeks ago:

Drake – “Is the town you lived in as a little girl the smallest in the world?”

Me-” No”

Drake- But I could ride my bike around it in no time at all right?

Me- “Yeah it would not take long, there are not any stoplights or anything.”

Drake- “WHAT!! No stoplights? I bet people were crashing into each other all the time from all that wild and crazy driving.”

Me- “Actually no, it was pretty calm. But did you know we didn’t have a Target?”

Drake’s eyes get huge- “WHAT?!?!? I sure hope they are building one right now…”

Drake just started reading and it is the coolest thing to watch it just click.  He has grown up so much in the past year and is really turning out to be such a wonderful little person to be around. He will start kindergarden in the fall and I tear up every time I think about not having my little sidekick around.


Using Your Wireless Service to Stay Healthy

by Katie on February 22, 2015

I have been taking steps to better my own health by cleaning up my diet and increasing the intensity and frequency of my exercise routine. I’m always looking for ways to better monitor both my activity level and overall health. US Cellular is making it easier than ever to keep a pulse on health. I already use my iPhone 6 to keep track of my fitness goals and was intrigued to learn more about telemedicine. Here are some ways your smart phone can help you stay healthy.IMG_0630

o    Smartphones

  • According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey 34 percent of smartphone users have used a phone to help lose weight or improve their health, of those, 66 percent have used an app to keep track of exercise or other fitness activities.
  • Smartphones can play a vital role in getting medical attention within one hour of the onset of cardiac symptoms, as recommended by the Cleveland Clinic.
  • You can store personal medical information on your smartphone that family or medical personnel can access during an emergency.

o    Telemedicine and its benefits

  • Telemedicine makes health care more efficient by enabling practitioners to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using technology made available through a reliable wireless network like high speed/4G LTE network available at U.S. Cellular.
  • It’s easy to contact trained medical professionals from home or work.
      • It’s convenient for people who might have difficulties coming into a physician’s office because of their remote location, busy schedules, mobility problems or other challenges.
      • It offers people instant, real-time medical consultations.
      • It saves time and money.
      • It’s meant to enhance – not replace – in-person physician visits, which are still recommended for regular care, such as physical exams. Telemedicine is used to treat minor ailments like cold symptoms, which account for nearly a quarter of office visits to primary care doctors.
    • Now, people can use their mobile devices to “virtually” connect to a doctor to discuss their health symptoms, ask questions and learn more about treatment options.  These virtual MDs can also prescribe medicine.
    • We’re continually discovering new things that can be done with our smartphones and tablets to help simplify and enhance our lives, and now we can add access to medical expertise to that list.
    • The 4G LTE/high-speed network from U.S. Cellular connects people to doctors and the medical information they need even if they are not in the doctor’s office.
    • Ask your Primary Care Physician. Discuss your options with your primary care physician to get their recommendations and see if they already have a relationship with a telemedicine provider.

o    Check your insurance.  Determine whether your insurance provider covers telemedicine, and if there are any specifications surrounding this coverage.

o    Do your research.  Third-party medical rating service websites like provide valuable research on various telemedicine practitioners and services.

As always Let U.S. Cellular make it easier by using the Parent/Child Cell Phone Agreement to set some ground rules.

I am part of the U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade. I received an Apple iPhone5S and am being compensated for my time


To Love and Be Loved by a Little Boy

by Katie on January 18, 2015

IMG_1694I can see it their eyes and hear it in their voice when I tell them I have 2 little boys.  If they are a boy mom, like me, their eyes light up and their voice is full of warmth and excitement.  If their boys are grown they smile and often times start reminiscing about the days when they had little boys. They chuckle as they watch my boys run and talk in funny voices and act silly.  They tell me how lucky I am, how lucky we are, to be a boy mom.  I smile back because I know just how lucky I am.

When I meet another boy mom who has little boys just like me we smile in understanding at just how tiring it is to be a mom of energetic, mischievous, and often times wild boys. We talk about how it is so nice to meet somebody who just “gets it” when your boys are jumping off furniture and wrestling on the floor and screaming as the pretend to shoot each with anything they can find that resembles a gun.  Boys will be boys and we know it better than anyone.


We smile with pride as we talk about the sweet things our boys said and the way they still like us to hold them even though they are far too big. We laugh as we share stories of the things they get into and the amount of food they can pack away. We know that our boys love their Mommas very best and we not so secretly hope they always will. We know we are so lucky to love and be so loved by a little boy.


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January 18, 2015

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