To The Mom Who Reads Viral Blog Posts

by Katie on April 9, 2014

Dear Mom Who Reads Viral Blog Posts,

Maybe today you were having a really tough parenting day. You were feeling worn down and defeated so you decided to take a few minutes and scroll mindlessly through your Facebook feed for a little distraction. As you are scrolling you can’t help but notice that many of your friends are sharing the same blog post so you click over to check it out and as you are reading it your heart starts sinking and you start doubting your parenting even more.  The blog you are reading states that they quit yelling at their kids  it changed their life! Meanwhile you are trying to figure out how many times you yelled at your kids today- was it 5 or more like 10 times today? You now are sure you are the worlds worst mother because all your Facebook mom friends liked it and shared the post so they surely don’t yell at their kids.

Does all of that sound familiar to you? The self-doubt that is put into our minds by somebody we do not even know? Somebody who we would not recognize if we passed them on the street? Blogs have given a powerful voice to mothers the past few years and while most of the content is supportive and amazing,  I’m guessing that have read many blogs posts that make you question if you are doing it right. I’m here to tell you that you are.

I need you to know that telling your kids to hurry up is not going to damage them. I promise.  I agree that life would be so nice if we were never in a hurry to get anywhere, but the reality is that we are. If I  stood back and waited for my boys to get moving and get out the door on their own, well, I can say with certainty that we would never get anywhere on time (or maybe even at all!) I also want my boys to know the value of time and the fact that being late is rude.  So if you tell your kids to hurry up you are still a really good mom.

I need you to know that spending time on your smartphone is OK.  How many posts have your read about putting down your smart phones when you are with your kids? I know I have probably read several dozen in the last year. I think most of us as are able to set reasonable limits on our phone usage around our children without it becoming a problem. I spend endless amounts of time and pour love and  energy into my  children daily, but sometimes I just need to zone out in front of my phone and take a step back from motherhood for awhile.  If you spend time on your smartphone in front of your kids you are not missing their childhood and you are still a great mom.

I need you know that it is OK to (formula feed,  breastfeed, co-sleep, home school, send your kids to public school, eat whole foods, eat McDonald’s, etc.) make whatever parenting choice that is right for your family. For every single choice you make as a parent you will see blog post after blog post telling you why that is not the right choice and how you are screwing up your kid for life. Guess what? You are doing great and making the choice that works for you and your family. Their voice might be louder but it does not mean that their choice is better. You are a good mom.

I want you to know that you are doing a really great job. You might not feel like it, but you are. I want you to know that behind every “perfect” blog post is a momma who has her own struggles.  So next time you start to read one of those viral posts and the guilt and the shame start creeping in, just know that we all do motherhood differently and that does not make one way better than the other.  Please hold on to the fact that your children love you and you love your children…because everything else is just a bonus.

Momma and boys


Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party

by Katie on April 1, 2014


We celebrated Charlie’s 2nd Birthday with a small party a couple of weeks ago.  We ordered pizza, I made a veggie tray and we ordered a cake from our absolute favorite cake ladies. The party was easy and stress free and the perfect way to celebrate our train loving boy.


I love having the cake be the centerpiece of any party, so I plan to use it was the main decoration. I made a simple train track around it and Ben drew the chalkboard art. We grabbed a bouquet of balloons at the store to thrown on the table and called it good.


Charlie liked the cake, but he loved  the frosting. He could not wait to dig his little hands into that bright blue sugary goodness. I might have let him have two pieces….


Out of all the photos I captured that day this is hands down my favorite. Charlie was snuggling with my Dad and I caught this sweet moment between them. I love the expression on his handsome innocent face.


Charlie had absolutely no interest in opening presents a couple months ago at Christmas, but he loved opening the gifts at his party. He would open a gift up and look at it and say “Oh my!” It was really cute.


We had such a fun day celebrating our Charlie.


Currently-March 2014 Edition

by Katie on March 14, 2014

I’m in a bit of a reading lull. My Kindle is full of books that I want to read but I just have not made the time for it. I need to start making reading a priority again because there is just something special about getting lost in a book.


Watching: If you have not watched House of Cards on Netflixs yet…DO IT! Ben and I binged watched the whole second season in about a week. The show is just so well written and engaging that you can’t stop. I’m now moved on to my current obsession Orange is the New Black. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first season and will be anxiously awaiting for the second season to drop in June. 

Listening: Basically listening to “Timber” on repeat. Love that song!

Doing: We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather here this week (finally) so we have been trying to spend as much time outside as we can. I’m also getting ready for Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party tomorrow. So excited to spend some time celebrating my littlest these next few days.

Eating: I have been enjoying lots and lots of smoothies…so good! Also loving the seasonal fresh produce that has been appearing at the store lately. Ben also makes the BEST potato nachos that feel like such an indulgence but we make pretty healthy- those have been our new go-to at home date night meal.


  • We had Drake’s conferences at preschool last week and you know how people say that their heart bursts with pride? I really get it. I am just so proud of my sweet big boy!
  • My new Polar FT4 heartrate monitor. Workouts just feel so much more productive when you know how many calories you are burning.
  • Book orders sent home from school. I have the best time pouring over them with Drake and picking out just the right books.
  • Little boys in cardigans. It never get old how cute they look in them.
  • Dating my husband. If you don’t already go on regular dates with your spouse I can’t recommend it enough. We often times go out alone, but occasionally go out with other couples and we just have the best time reconnecting without the distraction of the boys.
  • Spring Break! Looking forward to doing all sorts of fun stuff with the brothers next week.


Holding On Tight

March 6, 2014

I wrap him up in his towel and dry him off. I carefully put his diaper on and put lotion all over his baby soft skin. I slide his pajamas on him as he rubs his eyes and whispers “nigh nigh” over and over. I zip him up into his sleep sack, a comfort to […]

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