by Katie on September 12, 2014


That is probably the single best word I can use to describe my Charlie. He is utterly, unapologetically charming.

He is a mischief maker. He gets a glimmer in his eyes whenever he gets one of his grand ideas, which is often.

He likes to tease his older brother. Charlie is constantly picking on him and aggravating him. The more upset Drake gets the happier Charlie is.

When we ask him what his name is he replies “Charlie Cox and Charlos.” every single time. I dread the day when starts calling himself Charles instead of Charlos.

He plays pretty much whatever his big brother plays. He does not have interest in toddler toys and would much rather play Legos or “guys” than anything else.

Charlie is one tough kid. He very rarely cries and when he does you know he is really hurt.

IMG_0863He is not a people pleaser. He would rather see what kind of reaction he can get out of people with his actions. Positive and negative attention are both acceptable in his eyes.

He has a huge and unwavering love for his blankie and nanny (paci) and will do whatever he can to get his chubby little hands on them.

He spent most of his summer wearing his rainboots and “Suns Out. Guns Out” tank. He usually accessorized with a baseball hat that he wore backwards.

He loves Skinner, but is not always nice to him. He likes to pick on Skinner just like he picks on his big brother, but Skinner is not near as fun as he never reacts.

He very rarely wants to cuddle and so when he does it is a treat that we do not take for granted.

He is fearless. Period.

He is independent and wants to do everything himself.

He is stubborn and wild.

But most all…

He is charming.


Our sweet boy will be 2.5 next week and I want to be able to remember just exactly how he is right now.


Stick With Me

by Katie on August 11, 2014

Things have been a little quiet around here as I take time to enjoy summer with my boys. We have been enjoying lazy mornings and afternoons spent in the backyard or at the pool. The evenings stretch on and on as we go on walks and have impromptu BBQs with neighbors and let the boys stay up far past their bedtime. We are going through watermelon and popsicles like crazy and just enjoying the heck out of this summer.

All of that to say….Thank you. Thank you for sticking with me through the quite and thank you for sticking with me through all the sponsored blog posts.  I entered into a 12 month blogging contract with US Cellular and as part of their blogger brigade I will be brining you 1 sponsored post from them a month.  Other than that the sponsored posts should be slowing way down.

I will be back once school starts next summer and will finally get all those words that are swirling around in my mind typed out in this little space I love so much. See you next month!



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King’s Pointe Review and Giveaway

July 22, 2014

For the 3rd year in a row we packed up the car and drove North to spend the weekend at King’s Pointe Resort in Storm Lake. We left Charlie with Nana and Papa and took off for a special weekend with Drake. Drake remembered our trip well from last year and had our itinerary all […]

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