by Katie on November 21, 2016

Some seasons of life are hard and overwhelming  and marked with the reoccurring feeling of just trying to keep your head above water.  2016 has been that for me.  We put our house on the market. We sold our house. We moved into temporary housing while our new house was being built. Our sale of our old house hit many snags and almost feel through before finally closing over a month late. Those things are stressful and at the time were all consuming, but as I came to find out really did not matter that much.

On June 22 my dad was involved in a serious car accident.  This accident rocked our family like it has never been rocked before and tested our strength in unimaginable ways.  We are forever grateful for his miraculous recovery and perseverance. It is safe to say that an event like that shakes you and makes you reevaluate your priorities in your life.  I promised myself that I would no longer sweat the everyday annoyances of life  and I would look at the bigger picture and really appreciate all the small, but important moments that make life so sweet.  I will admit,  there are still unimportant things that really get under my skin, but overall those things just don’t matter anymore.  It turns out gratitude is such an amazing gift that has the power to really change so many aspects of your life.

Here are some of the little things that have been making me smile and bringing me joy.

  • Driving to work on rural roads while the sun is coming up.
  • Sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee and a magazine while my kids play.
  • Watching my husband take pride and excitement in our new home and listening to his plans for the future.
  • My mornings spent at home with my littlest. He starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I know I will miss his constant chatter and movement.
  • Watching my Dad play catch with Drake.
  • The smell of pumpkin bread cooking in my oven.
  • Friends who show up. There is not a better feeling in the world than knowing your friends, every single one of them, just show up when you need them the most.
  • Facetime. Sometimes we just need to see EE’s face.
  • Sports talk with my oldest. He goes on and on and on. But it is important to him so it is absolutely important to me.
  • Knowing if I don’t know the answer to something, that my mom will. Like how much mashed potatoes I should make for Thanksgiving or where I should hang that picture.
  • Big soft blankets, a fire and a glass of wine.
  • Opening up and filling our house with the people we love.
  • The many pieces of art work I find scattered all across my kitchen island done by my tiny artist.
  • Free Target shipping.
  • The most loyal and lovable dog who holds a special place in our family’s heart.
  • Grandparents that know all my kid’s favorite foods and will make it every time they come over.
  • Twinkling lights on my fireplace.
  • A new -to- me big camera that is on it’s way to my house right now so I can keep capturing the little moments.
  • Planning an ice skating date with my big boy and knowing that he will still be proud to hold my hand around the rink.
  • Finding a new Grinch sweater for my Grinch loving Charlie.
  • My husband’s chili.
  • 90’s on 9 XM radio.
  • Waking up to a quiet, dark ,chilly house and filling it with the smell of coffee and the sunrise.
  • A night around our firepit roasting marshmallows with friends.
  • The anticipation of the holidays with little kids and how the traditions I worked so hard to make are now written on their heart.

14264830_840854733940_7968804206350418260_nUnfortuntly, this year, we found out the hard way that bad things happen to good people…bad things that you have absolutely no control over. But we also learned that we are all stronger than we ever knew we could be and are surround, near and far, by people who love us.

My heart is full and grateful, not just as I enter this season of joy and thanksgiving, but every single day.  The little moments in life really are the big moments that I never want to forget.


by Katie on October 24, 2016



An Interview with Drake at 7 Years Old

by Katie on August 31, 2016


His interview from when he was 5

His interview from when he was 4

His interview from when he was 3

How old are you? 7

Where were you born? Des Moines

What do you like to do with your mom? Snuggle!

What do you like to do with your dad? Go to movies!

What is your favorite color? Aqua

What do you want to be when you grow- up? In the Navy

What is your favorite food? Shrimp

What is your favorite thing to drink? Gatorade

Where is your favorite place to eat? Taki

What is your favorite animal? A black panther

What does your mommy say a lot? I love you!14117953_824844982610_2359490086240162904_n

What is your favorite song? Seven Years Old

Who is your favorite singer? Justin Beaver (I LOVE how he thinks his last name is Beaver!)

What is your favorite movie? The Jungle Book

What is your favorite cartoon? Batman

Who is your best friend? Wyatt

What is your favorite book? A Hundred Things That Are Invincible

What is your favorite thing to do? Rest

Where does Daddy work? Des Moines

Where does Mommy work? Des Moines

How old is Mommy? 32

How old is Daddy? 34

How old is Charlie? 4

What do you think about your little brother? He bothers me a lot!

What do you like to do with Charlie? His toys!

13912476_821031190480_5423798975961408589_nWhat makes you really happy? Snuggling with mommy!

What makes you really sad? If I’m all by myself just sitting there,

What are you scared of? Being alone in a basement that is dark and hearing creepy sounds,

What makes you laugh? Tooting!

Who was the last person you kissed? Mommy!

What is your favorite thing about school? P.E.

What is your least favorite thing about school? Math

Where should we go on our next vacation? Chicago

What is your favorite sport to play? Soccer

What is your favorite sports team? The Hawkeyes

Who is your hero? Aunt EE


Be Curious, Brave and Kind

August 22, 2016

I first wrote this post 3 years ago when Drake started preschool. Tonight I read these words to him on the eve of him starting 1st grade. If there is anything I want written on his heart it is this. When Drake started preschool 2 years ago, I wrote these wishes out for him. These are […]

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