Progress Not Perfection

by Katie on October 13, 2014

IMG_1148I left you last week with knowing that I needed to make major life changes, but not knowing how or what I could do to really get motivated. In mid June I was browsing Facebook when I ran across a post from a girl I went to college with. She was starting an online fitness group and was looking for a test group. For 6 weeks, we were given 3 workouts a week that we could either do in our home or at the gym and then come back to the group and report our times to hold us accountable. These workouts were intense and hard and sometimes scary to look out all written out, but I knew this was my chance to start making changes.

Day 1 of the workout came and as I laid in bed waiting for my alarm to go off I felt panicked. I knew the workouts were going to be too hard for me…I thought that maybe   I would just post in the Facebook group that I was not feeling well…there was no way I was strong enough or brave enough to doIMG_1151 those workouts. But something inside of me told me to get out of bed and just give it a try, if I hated it I could quit, but I at least had to try one workout. I went the gym that morning and never missed a workout in all the mornings that followed in those next 6 weeks.

I was getting stronger and more confident in my workouts, but my eating was still suffering. I knew that if I wanted to see results both the eating and the exercising had to be in sync and given equal importance. I wrapped up the trial six week program and immediately signed up to continue on as a member when my fitness coach launched her new program. This time I was fully committed to not only the exercise portion, but the eating portion as well.

On August 4th, the new program launched. We were given 4 workouts a week plus a meal plan that included 5 dinners with recipes and a grocery list. I dove in to the program head first. I cut out most carbs and almost all added sugar. I went grocery shopping and filled my cart with fruits and veggies and meat. After the first week my stomach was noticeably flatter as much of the bloat was gone from all the processed and sugary foods that had been eliminated from my diet. The weeks went by and with each passing week I was seeing more and more changes. I started to be able to do burpess that were not modified, I ran 2 miles without stopping, My face thinned out, I could walk into my closet and almost everything fit, and I felt confident.

IMG_1329In the past I was ALWAYS looking for the quick fix. I wanted to see results the day after I started exercising and changing my eating habits. This is not healthy or realistic. I know now that the road to healthy living is a marathon not a sprint. This is something that does not have an end date. I do have some specific weight loss goals, but I’m in no hurry to reach them as I know that with the hard work and consistency they will be met at some point.

I’m down 15 lbs and although loosing the weight has been wonderful, this story isn’t all about the weight. This story is about making lifelong healthy choices to not only benefits me, but my family. This story is about the benefit of exercise and taking that time to better your body. This story is about how I don’t get out of breath when I walk up the stairs. This story is about taking it day by day. This story is about being afraid but saying “yes” and taking a risk. And most importantly this story is about being a good example to my two boys.

I’m not perfect. I still eat cookies and I still love wine and that is OK. One of my favorite quotes I’ve come to love during this journey is “Progress Not Perfection.” I don’t have to eat perfectly every single day. I don’t have to workout every single day to make progress. I eat healthy or “clean” about 85-90% of the time and enjoy myself the rest…without guilt. I workout 5 times a week and usually get an itch to do something on my “off days” and take a long walk with my family. I’m not perfect but I’m making progress.


A Night at the Circus

by Katie on October 11, 2014


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The Beginning: The Weight I Carried

by Katie on October 7, 2014

I recently started making some major lifestyle changes for myself and my family. Here is Part 1 our story.

BeforeEver since Charlie was born almost three years ago (well even a little bit before I got pregnant with him) I’ve been struggling with my weight. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and was desperate to lose the weight…or so I thought.

I would go to the gym 2-3 days a week and climb onto the elliptical for 50 minutes. I would be sweaty when I got done so I was pretty sure I burned a lot of calories and got a good workout in. I barely touched the weight machines and if I did put in very little effort or time. I just KNEW my time was best spent getting my heart rate up and burning those calories with cardio.

I ate healthy…during the week…or I guess during the week when I felt like it. I had toast for breakfast and a very light lunch of beef sticks and cheese and a piece of fruit. I didn’t always have an afternoon snack because snack=calories and I wanted to avoid those. By the time supper came around I was starving and always ate way more than I should, but I could afford to since I had not eaten much all day, right? On the weekends all bets were off. Pizza for supper, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, leftover pizza for lunch, going out to eat were all pretty much a regular part of my Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was eating “pretty good” during the week so I should be allowed to splurge on the weekends, am I right?

As you can guess my exercise and eating habits were not really very helpful in losing the weight I so desperately wanted to come off. Sure, I would lose a pound or two here or there, but it always came back and sometimes brought a few more pounds with it. I told myself this was just the season of life I was in- a momma to two little boys who I always put first-someday I would have time for myself. Plus wasn’t this weight a badge of honor? A sign that I had spent 18 months of my life taking good care of those two boys that grew in my belly? I WAS healthy. I COULD keep up with my kids. SOME of my clothes fit. I would just keep living life and someday address this weight issue.

But you know what started to happen? The weight I was carrying around on my body became a weight I was carrying in my mind and on heart. I would stand in my closet and try on item after item looking for something that would flatter me instead of showing off that ever expanding spare tire around my middle. I would think about me weight constantly during the day. I would look back on pictures of myself before I had kids and be envious of the girl I saw. I would feel insanely jealous of any friends I saw that were having success losing weight and wish that I could do it just as effortlessly as they seemed to be. I got tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the chubby face looking back at me with eyes that were full of defeat. I started to notice that I was out of breath when I climbed stairs and I hated hearing myself pant with each step I took.

I knew I needed to make some changes and make them fast. I didn’t like the things that the weight was doing to me (both physically and mentally) and knew I need to take that scary first step to look long and hard at myself and answer some hard questions about the things that were holding me back.

Up next: What finally caused me to change


Super Circus Heros

October 6, 2014

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Super Circus HeroesSM, showcasing wonders from the marvelous to the magnificent, every day is extraordinary in this action-packed super circus, filled with superhuman athleticism, power and pageantry that will have Children Of All Ages discovering their own superhuman strength. Amazing elephants, horses, camels and more alongside astonishing acrobats, […]

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